eScreenz Mobile

eScreenz Mobile provides custom internal messaging and notifications for smartphones and tablets. It's now available for you to download in the iTunes App Store and GooglePlay Store. The app demonstrates eScreenz commitment to scalable mobile solutions that help clients strengthen their messaging, improve employee engagement and evolve their businesses. 

While focusing on creating features crucial to internal communication - urgent messages and clickable slides reach all user devices. Business owners and department leaders can ensure that employees acknowledge crucial notifications, stay up to date on company policies and are aware of important news and updates in real time.

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eScreenz Web Viewer

eScreenz Web Viewer can be used on any type of mobile device. Unlike eScreenz Mobile, it functions as a web-based application. Although the two appear very similar, the web viewer differs by utilizing a bookmark or favorites page on the home screen of your device. The bookmark allows clients to gain secure access to organization information through a web browser.

Get Their Attention

For Employees
Promote your wellness campaign and post results. 

Welcome new employees and include their photo and name. Now everyone can welcome them.

Share company news, policy changes and praise teams.

Link a slide to more information online.

For Event Marketing
Publish what's coming up next from a daily schedule.

Post photos while you're at the event.

Run a contest.

There is no limit to the communications that will bring your organization together or add a new dimension to the success of your event.